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I have boarded my family dog Poppy on many occasions from Puppy-hood on at the Dawg Dayz Inn, and I can honestly tell you over those many visits she has been well cared for, has had lots of fun with other dogs in the interesting play areas, and we have never had to worry about her for a second.

I have recommended Rick and Denise to many friends who have also had no problems with their dogs. They know and love dogs as you can see from their website, and as I can tell you first-hand!

Jeff Sine


I keep waiting to hear, Tom maybe Jackson could find another home when your away.  Instead I get this dog of mine back happy clean and  always a bit more trained. It seems sometimes that you have him more often then I do! You guys have always smiles on your faces and I think how the heck do they do that.

Obviously the shoe fits! I would like to tell you if I haven't face to face - you two are the best -

I always tell my friends family and acquaintances if they are in need of a place -

I sometimes think why am I doing this as they may run out room for "Action Jackson".


Thanks a million.

We started bringing our pup Toby to the Inn in 2000. We were quite worried the first time upon leaving him as he was only 4 months of age and had never been left before. Our fears were quickly alleviated when we came to pick Toby up. Toby came into the office all happy and wagging his tail gave us a quick Hi! then dashed back out into the kennel and wanted back out into the play yard with his new friends.

Now when we tell him he is going on vacation at “The Spa” as we like to call it he becomes very excited. There is no controlling him once we turn into the Inns laneway he makes such a racket and is jumping all over the back seat. Once we let him out of the car he actually drags us to the kennel Office. Inside we let him off his leash and he quickly says good buy and runs into the kennel to check out to see who is there for him to play with. When we pick him up he is always a happy and tired boy from all the exercise and play time he receives.

Would we recommend this kennel? A Big YES and have done so many times. We are sure glad that we found such a wonderful place for our “Toby” to stay when we can not take him with us.


Tim & Jean Reynolds

We have been bringing our dog , Shawna to the Inn after we first adopted her in 2003. She had separation anxiety and had never been socialized with her own kind therefore she could be quite nasty with other dogs. Now after three years and many stays later Shawna actually looks forward to her vacations at The Inn. And while she still does not get along with all dogs she has learned to play with some of her own kind. We are not sure how they do it but are sure glad that they do!

We highly recommend Dawg Dayz Inn to anyone who is in need of a place to board their dog. And we add that Shawna has never been boarded anywhere else. If we cannot get her in at The Inn we have actually changed our plans and dates to a time that they can accommodate Shawna

Sue & Jack McKenzie

And of Course “Shawna”

We have only boarded our Pippin, a pint sized Yorkshire Terrie, once at the Inn. It was two years ago. When we dropped her off we told them she did not get along with other dogs and was extremely nervous. The Inn Keepers told us not to worry she would be OK. But we still had our doubts to the point of cutting our vacation with family short to pick Pippin up.

When we arrived to pick Pippin up we noticed she was not in her kennel and asked where she was. Much to our surprise she was in an x-pen situated where the Inn Keepers, Rick and Denise were working building something for the kennel at the time. Our amazement grew when we walked over and saw that with her in the pen was one of their own Shelties and our Pippin was actually playing with her.

We are from North Bay and we had not often used a kennel but on the occasion that we had we had had some bad experiences. However we can say that this experience was anything but bad for us or our “Pippin” Not only did they have her playing with their own Shelties but because she was so nervous in the kennel and being a small dog they took her into their home and she stayed there the whole time. They also talked to us a great length about accustoming her to crate so that the need to board her in the future would be almost nil as they informed us a lot of places accept dogs provided they can be housed in a crate. This is what we have done and have never needed to board Pippin again as even when we visit family we always take her and her crate.

These people actually lost a customer by telling us these things as now we quite often visit our family in the Toronto and surrounding area. These people really do care about the dogs that they look after. Most of our dog owning family now boards their own dogs at the Inn when they go away so I guess one hand washes the other.

Thank you for everything you have done for us and our “Pippin” should we ever have to board her again we certainly would not hesitate leaving her in your capable hands!

Your friends

Ethel & Wilfred Tott

Hi Rick and Denise:  It's me your favourite Duck Toller, Cooper.


I know I am your favourite because Rick always gives me a big belly rub when I come to visit, and Denise makes sure that I get to play with all my friends.

I had a great time last weekend. how come though, my mom picked me up on Sunday when she knew I would be returning on Friday.I wish I could have just stayed. It's so much fun with you guys. I love the bedtime treat and I always go home nice and slim ( my mom loves that ) from all the exercise I get.

My mom loves your clean kennels and the air conditioning was great in the summer. she is so impressed with all your knowledge about dogs. When she  recommends you to  her friends, she describes you as "real dog people" I'm a little confused about that description  does she think your a dog or a people

I'm really excited about the end of September cause I'm going to be with you for almost a month. I'm especially looking forward to easing up on my good manners----you always let me get away with almost murder!! and I won't have to do that insufferable sit stay that my mom loves to put me in.

Anyway thanks for all the attention and I can't wait to see you


Woof Woof   Cooper

We have been bringing Chloe to Dawg Dayz since 2000 and each time Chloe goes on her vacations she can't get enough of Rick when she arrives, a very comforting sight to see indeed!  She knows that this is a good place with good people. The facility is outstanding, with lots of room to run and play. One of the nice things to see is that Rick and Denise are always doing something around there to make a great place

even better. We can't say enough about Dawg Dayz and highly recommend your facility to anyone looking for a safe, clean place to leave their special family member. We wish you all the best and keep up the good work!


John, Carol and Chloe Vriese

I have been taking our dog, Freyja, to Dawg Dayz now for close to 8 years.  When I was first looking for a kennel when we got our 8 week old puppy, I wanted someplace that would take care of her & love her as if she were their own.  I was driving one day & saw their sign so went in to the newly opened kennel.  I was impressed by the size of the runs, cleanliness & background of both Denise & Rick.  I thought their prices were more than fair & so I utilized their services the first time were going away.  Freyja loved being there.  As a very social dog she was given a lot of outdoor playtime on her own & with other sociable dogs.  She is always exhausted when we bring her home & I think that's a good indication of her level of activity while there.  Over the years we have used their services numerous times each year & have followed them to their new location.  Freyja knows the route we take to go to the kennel & gets very excited as we're driving over.  Leaving her there always makes me feel good.  I know she is safe, secure & well taken care of & that allows me to relax & enjoy my time away.  I highly recommend Dawg Dayz to anyone looking for a "home away from home" for their loved one.  

Judy Gibson,

Erin, Ontario

I want to take this opportunity to thank Denise and Rick for taking great care of Canon after his operation as well as Guess and Trinity while we were in Nova Scotia buying a house. The Inn is always immaculate and has a warm loving environment. Denise and Rick are fantastic with the dogs and treat them all like one of their own. Even though it is hard to not always bring your special friends with you on trips, I feel relaxed and secure in knowing that they are safe and having a great time. The play yard is fantastic and the dogs love roaming through the huge yard. I have been recommending Dawg Dayz for years and will continue to do so.


Tracy Snyder